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Any Other Psychological Difficulty

There are many reasons why people may suffer from psychological distress or it may be useful for you or someone you know to explore things from a psychological perspective. However, psychological issues may not always be easy to understand or talk about, especially if we feel worried about what others may think, or that we may upset people that we care about if we are honest about how we feel. Because of this, it can sometimes be really useful to talk to someone who has experience of working psychologically with different needs and issues and who you can, therefore, develop a trust to help you work through the challenges /issues being faced.  If there is something that you, or someone you know, is struggling with or experiencing a distress in regard to, or you just wish to explore possible change within your life, it may be worth having an initial discussion with me. We can then work out together if there is something that I may be able to help you with.


If, however, you are experiencing challenges with something that is outside of my expertise, I will say to you and help you find a more suitable service or person to help you find the solution you are looking for.

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