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Low Mood / Depression

Depression can take away all of someone's energy and enthusiasm for the things that make their life good. Often there is a very good explanation for why we may become depressed, but it is not always easy to spot. This is because depression  can sometimes came as a result of a build up of a number of difficult things in our life over a period of time associated, for example, with the loss of something very important (such as a loved one, a job or something else that we really value) or it may come following a single very difficult or complex experience that may have threaten our beliefs, dreams and hopes about the world and for our lives. Therapy can help you to make sense of some of the things that have happened to you to cause you to become depressed and then support you to think of changes (often small at first) that you may be able to make in your life to start you feeling happier about yourself and your life.

Low mood can be very similar to depression but you may find that you are still able to do many of your everyday things, but may be left with a sense of feeling down or that your life does not have much purpose. This again can be explored in therapy to help understand what things may be relevant to you feeling low in mood and also thinking about what changes you may be able to make in your life.

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