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"I found it helpful understanding as to why I felt the way I did. Amanda is kind and never has any judgement towards anything you share. Everything was confidential and it feels that it was." (A, Aged 17, September, 2022)


"[I have found it useful] getting to understand why I am the way I am. Being able to make things easier for myself in situations. Amanda is very nice and she has helped me a lot" (G, Aged 12, August, 2022)

" I would recommend Amanda as she is very friendly and kind. She has made my very anxious daughter feel at ease and has helped us, both, a lot." (J, parent to G, August 2022)


"I would recommend Amanda to other people because she is kind and compassionate and really gets to know you so she can tailor the sessions around what you are struggling with". (J, September, 2021)


"Dr Amanda always made me feel valued. She took the time to know me and tailored my therapy sessions in such a way that ultimately saw me get to a place of mental wellness". (P, September, 2021)


"Grateful to have had the opportunity to do these sessions. I was in a bad way when I first came. Anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted. I've been given techniques to manage this, think about my triggers, understand what is important to me and set myself goals to keep me on track. It was a challenge for me to come and open up to someone, but I'm so pleased that I did. Amanda is easy to talk to, made me feel at ease and not like I was going out of my mind. I would definitely recommend anyone feeling down coming to see her. It's helped me massively. ". (S, April 2021). 

"Amanda was really professional, open and compassionate [...] makes you feel like it is a completely safe environment. I have really enjoyed the process". (K, November, 2020)

"The experience could not have been improved. Carry on doing what you are doing."

(K, November 2020).

"I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is going through struggles in life. She helps to normalise things for you and makes you feel at ease. Amanda has given me lots of coping strategies that I can use everyday and has helped with so much. She really is the best therapist!" (N, October 2020).

"[Amanda...] always remembers everything that was said from one session to the there's been no gap - you inspire confidence. Thank you". M, father to R (September, 2020).

"Amanda has gently led me to see myself & my relationships in a new realistic way. She has given me tools that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  This experience started as something I needed to do to get back to normal again.  As a result of my time with Amanda I now understand that my version of normal had been built on a lifetime of  negative & positive experiences, all of which have contributed to making me the person I am.  I learnt that in letting go of fear I could see clearer, trust differently & build a better future for myself.  Thank you Amanda for all your help". (R, May 2020).


"Brilliant Psychologist. Easy to speak to and adaptable to help according to struggle. very informative, caring and unrushed". (M, March 2020).

"When I first started the process of therapy, I had no idea if it would help me. It has exceeded my expectations. I am now learning to be the best version of myself...Amanda has helped me out of a dark time and shown me that there is light. She's a true professional and not once did I feel that she was judging me. I felt safe and secure." (S, January 2020).


"Amanda is professional, insightful and very easy to talk to - and more importantly, she listens and makes suggestions / asks questions to improve understanding. I genuinely feel better equipped to face things now. I am sure I will have some bad days, but I am confident I can cope with them more easily. [what I found most useful was]... the ability to talk openly and genuinely feel listened to. I liked that Amanda challenged me sometimes, rather than saying nothing - allowing us to jointly explore thoughts and feelings." (S, November, 2019).

"[I would recommend Amanda]...because it gave me the time and care to talk and discuss what's going on and give me helpful tools to use for life. I was able to talk freely and work through current situations and feelings without feeling judged or invalidated." (N, May 2019).

"After talk during the sessions, this has helped me in my problems. Giving me the confidence in myself. Also, all the tools to help me recover to my old self. Amanda is very professional and has a pleasant manner." (R, Feb 2019)

"It is scary at first, but you get over it and it feels fine. Amanda is funny. You can talk in private or with your parent with you" (R, Aged 11, Feb 2019) / "Amanda has a good friendly manner which helped my son relax and open up more. He came in quite scared and really not wanting to talk, but left in control and relaxed about talking about his issue." (B, Parent to R, Feb 2019)

"Amanda was very understanding about my issues and helped me find ways to move forward and plan for what comes next. She is friendly and approachable and I feel so much better following our sessions" (B, November, 2018).


"I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough.  The change I and others have seen in myself is truly life changing and she has helped me massively to make large improvements and changes in my way of thinking to make day to day life so much more meaningful. I was very scared to start seeing someone but Amanda is so incredibly warm and welcoming that I felt comfortable from the get go. I’m so happy that I took sessions with her and would advise anyone struggling with any aspect of their mental health to do so too and to not put it off, as it really is completely worthwhile." (P, October 2018).


"Having been referred via my private health insurer to Amanda, I was slightly apprehensive. However, Amanda immediately made me feel at ease and I was able to communicate openly about my issue with anxiety. Amanda has provided me with expert knowledge regarding Mindfulness and various techniques I could use in day to day scenarios and now I feel prepared and stronger to face everyday life. I am very grateful to Amanda for the kindness and compassion she has offered and would highly recommend her to anyone who may face similar issues". (H, October 2018).

“Amanda has helped me through a very difficult period. She is an excellent listener. Knows where to probe more and ask questions that have really helped me identify what causes my low moods and depression. She has helped me to put strategies in place so I feel confident I can identify triggers and deal with these going forward to limit the impact on my mental wellbeing”. (J, May 2018).


“Dr Amanda has a very good, calm nature and is a very good listener and makes very good sense of situations, providing very good strategies to work with”. (R, January 2018).




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