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A phobia is a fear of something specific that is having a significant impact on your life and / or (due to your fear) the lives of those close to you. There are many reasons why we develop a phobia and there are many different types of phobia, but common ones are often associated with certain animals, flying, vomit or heights. However, all types of phobia can have a significant impact on the lives of people who suffer from them. If there is something that you personally fear and belief to be having a significant and negative impact on your life and you wish to explore it in a safe space without judgement, the therapy process can support this. Therapy may also help you to consider  areas where you may be able to make changes and help you work towards a greater sense of freedom from the thing that has been making you feel phobic.  This does not have to mean that you have to get a point where you 'love' the thing that you have feared, but it may support you to reach a place where you can, at least, get on with your life without a particular fear controlling you and / or others.

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